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RealArcade head talks casual game growth

Kyle Orland

You'd think a company that gives away 700,000 game demos a day would be on the forefront of gamers' minds. Yet most hardcore gamers probably don't consider RealArcade when they think of major players in the industry.

Casual games site Gamezebo has an interview with RealNetworks Senior VP for Games Michael Schutzler where he talks about the future of the casual games. Among the more interesting points:

  • Research shows casual game players use the games as an "essential part of their sanity management."
  • RealNetworks has developed a super-secret model that can predict how well a new casual game will do in its first week.
  • Schutzler says mobile games won't succeed until they are easier to share and have a real killer app.
The full interview has more details on RealArcade's plans for multiplayer, Xbox Live Arcade and in-game advertising.

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