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Should Blizzard End Twinking For Good?

Mike Schramm

Own over on Spinebreaker asks an interesting question: is twinking good for the game? Twinking (I'm not sure if there's anyone out there that doesn't know what this is yet, but there might be one or two of you) is the process of using a higher level alt (or sometimes just a good friend) to overpower a lower level character. It's the reason why sometimes you'll see level 19s in WSG with almost all blue gear, and enchants that cost tons of money-- of course, they're out there ripping up the lesser equipped competition because they've been beefed up by a higher level alt.

Now, Own says it's a terrible thing for the game. He claims it ruins the economy (because it falsely inflates prices of lower level equipment), it ruins fun for players, and it basically encourages exploits and cheating. He's not really right on that last one necessarily (twinking isn't technically cheating), but it does mean that higher level characters might be taking resources or drops that lower level characters would normally use. Own basically says Blizzard shouldn't condone twinking-- that they should grant an XP bonus at the end of every lower level batttleground event, just to push players up the ladder.

Drysc does answer in the thread, with a fairly tame statement that basically says Blizz doesn't condemn or endorse twinking, and that the new arena system will help a little bit by matching up similar players. But what do you think? Personally, I don't think twinking is a big deal-- even if you're not epic'd out in 10-19 WSG, you can still affect the battle if you play your role correctly. And it's a nice bonus for those players who are willing to put the time and money in to make their alts special in a certain level bracket. As skills get earned, battles look very different at 19 than they do at 59, and so playing to be the best at 19 just offers a different look at the PVP game, in my (usually) humble opinion. Agree? Or should Blizzard do away with ritual twinkers once and for all?

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