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Intel targeting home media users with Bearlake G+ chipset

Erik Hanson

It's a little short on exact details, but Intel has released some details of the roadmap of their chipsets and motherboard designs. The line of interest to us at HD Beat is the Bearlake G+, which contains some built-in capabilities for HDTV decoding and display. It contains designs for an integrated video chipset on the motherboard, and should support hardware encryption and decoding of VC-1 and MPEG-4 AVC, as well as Intel's High Definition Audio. So if you get a computer with this chipset on the motherboard, rather than having to buy an nVidia, ATI, or other third-party card to get hardware video playback decoding for your HDTV, you can pick up one of the Media Series from Intel, plug in your DVI or HDMI cable -- with HDCP, of course -- and play back your HD DVD or Blu-ray media. The G+ series should be out in 2007.

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