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djay - a "groundbreaking" audio application

David Chartier

djay, as you can see, is a "groundbreaking" new audio app that offers a slew DJ-oriented features to get your party started, including:

  • Real-time audio mix transmission over Bonjour network
  • Real-time audio mix recording
  • iTunes Integration
  • Automatic artwork image loading on both turntables
  • Time-Stretching
  • Pitch-Shifting with amazing blend effect
  • Audio Unit Effects Support
  • Pre-Cueing (requires multichannel sound card)
  • Crossfade automation
  • Magnetic tempo slider for precise beat matching
  • GarageBand instruments integration via network
  • AppleScriptability for mixing automation
and a whole lot more. Seriously, I had to whittle out quite a bit from djay's feature list just to fit these key points into the post. I'm not a DJ myself, but checking this out sure makes me wish I was.

All these features come in (what looks like) a slick package for the low, low price of $0; in fact, I can't even find a donation link at the product's site, (clever). If any more DJ-capable TUAW readers check this out, please share a few words of your wisdom with the rest of the class.

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