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European PS2 price drop and pretty new pink model [update 1]

Following April's North American PS2 price drop, Sony has announced a European price drop for their top-selling console juggernaut. The formerly €149.99 and £104.99 prices will be lowered to €129.99 and £94.99 respectively, still a good deal more expensive than the $130 US asking price. They've also lowered the price of the Memory Card to €19.99. While this isn't quite the budget pricing we imagine the non-PS2-owner is waiting for, Sony has readied another flank in their assault on these stubborn holdouts.

The formula has worked disturbingly well for companies like Nintendo and Apple: a fresh coat of paint and you've opened up a whole new customer base. The new Pink PlayStation 2 will debut at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany, August 23-27th. This sexy little thing is going out dancing with a pair of Dual Shock controllers and a Memory Card, and they're all wearing their prettiest matching pink outfits. And, UK-only, they'll be joining up with SingStar Pop at the karaoke club! Just how much will this little bundle of fun cost? €159.99 or £129.99 in UK (bundled with SingStar Pop). Seriously, resistance is futile Europe.

[Update: These things come in threes. It looks like the PS2 isn't the only console getting the pink treatment. Those rumors (from last year!) may have been premature, but Sony is finally making a pink PSP! Joy! It will be available Oct. 27th in Europe only for €229, or £169. They're also employing colorfully-named popstress P!nk to pimp their pink PSPs. We can think of a lot of things we'd rather have Sony invest their efforts in PSP-wise than a pink version. Just saying.]

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