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Sirius Conductor enables whole-house sat radio fun

Evan Blass

Breaking with the tradition of beginning nearly all of its product names with the letter "S" (see the recently released Stiletto, Starmates, Sportsters, Stratus and old school S50 for reference), Sirius has announced a new in-home satellite radio tuner known as the Conductor. Instead of lugging your Sirius boombox all over the house, you'll now be able to hook the tuner directly into your rack-mounted receiver (though you'll still need to snake that antenna outside) and operate it from almost anywhere in your pad thanks to the handy RF- and IR-equipped remote. The LCD-sporting universal remote can also control up to five other members of your home theater family, and if you're willing to shell out for an extra Sirius subscription, it has the ability to rock two separate audio zones with a compatible SiriusConnect tuner. (Howard in one room and Martha in the other -- does life get any better than that?) Scheduled for a November release, the Conductor system will set you back $150, but if you've already got yourself a lifetime sub, this would seem like a must-have item (well, as long as you don't mind eating the transfer fee).

[Via Orbitcast]

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