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Sony offering a fix to the A2000 resolution mess

Matt Burns

Another week and another Sony controversy. This week is about how Sony's new A2000 SXRD line cannot display a full 1080i resolution over HDMI. Videophiles across the country must have been flooding Sony with calls and emails about this issue and Sony has listened to their pleas. CNET ran across this anomaly during their review and found it odd as 1080p HDTVs should be able to display 100% off a 1080i test pattern but this HDTV didn't. Apparently, Sony has tracked down the issue to a filter setting that was engaged that caused the test pattern to be fully displayed and they are going to offer a fix to the early-production models that are having this issue. The service fix isn't being offered yet, but according to the press release on CNET's site, there will be one. The best bet is to call Sony customer support and inquire when this fix is going to be offered and if they know if your particular A2000 is affected.

[Thanks, Ivan]

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