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The pink PS2 hits UK in November

Ryan Block, @ryan

It's a little late in the game for you to have to justify a PS2 to your ladyfriend, and it's way late in the game if your ladyfriend is of the ilk to want a PS2 of her very own. That said, as we all know well from Motorola and their best-selling RAZR, when you're late getting your new product out the door, the thing to do is release the old product in a new color. Enter the pink PS2. We're not yet entirely sure when (or if) it's hitting US shores, but it's launching on the 8th of November over in Old Blighty. Oh, and for our gamer pals across the pond: thanks to the Leipzig Games Convention, which kicked off today, you'll see a dip in price of that PS2 as well. It'll only set you back £94.99 and €129.99 now, which doesn't help us over in the States too much, but we can't complain as our PlayStation 2s still cost significantly less. Unfortunately that price dip won't help out your purchase of pink there, which is still going to go for £129.99 (bundled with SingStar Pop), and €159.99 otherwise.

[Thanks, Steve]

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