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Tiny Mario messenger bag for DS game


Can you feel the love for Mario? We just showed you a video dedicated to Mario from a fanboy that excels our care for that plump little plumber and now we have more Mario love for you. Did you ever think it was possible for such a simple man to create so much care?

NeoGAF blogger, 20 XX's, loving and talented wife, Mary, helped her husband out by taking the time to skillfully create a single DS game holder. Look at that and try to tell us it isn't thoughtful or creative. We dare you!

We aren't sure how long this project took but by the looks of it, we know it wasn't an easy task. This seems to be a perfect accessory for those in need of traveling light and who don't want to see a single mark on their game like us.

Who knows, maybe this could start to bring in some extra dough for them...

[Thanks JC and Mary!]

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