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Video review of Toshiba's HD DVD recorder - RD A1

Matt Burns

We know you are curious to know how Toshiba's HD DVD recorder operates, but the unit isn't available for the US market just yet, but luckily for us, this whole Internet thing is a global venture and Digital World Tokyo has a video review of the recorder. Just like we made out in the pictures, it is a beast. Other then the whole 1 terabyte recorder thing, it seems to be about the same unit as the normal HD DVD player -- including, the very slow start-up time. It takes almost a minute and a half till it is all the way up. But it does what it says it can which is record TV and put it on an HD DVD disc. The only small issue is some of those programs will not allow you to record directly on the HD DVD but once it is on the hard drive, it can then be moved to the disc. Apparently, it works rather nicely though and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one, and you can read Japanese, you should be happy with it.

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