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A monetary incentive to make homebrew


Sony's trying to lure gamers away from the seduction of homebrew through firmware upgrades that provide new functionality. Homebrewers are trying lure developers through the power of cold, hard cash.

PSP3D is running an interesting contest where developers of homebrew will be paid to submit an original piece of PSP homebrew. Theoretically, everyone's a winner, with the community voting for their favorites. Every vote that a piece of homebrew gets nets the developer 5 cents. With five votes, you could buy yourself a Little Debbie cake! They're only going to give up to $200, so only the first thousand votes count, but if you're a developer and you really need some spare change, you might want to start coding.

(I bet more people would upgrade their firmware if Sony used the same tactic: give us money for upgrading! Never going to happen, but one can dream, right?)

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