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Crysis multiplayer to feature 10-hour matches, multiple day/night cycles

Save has posted a detailed summary of the multiplayer modes featured in Crytek's upcoming FPS Crysis. The basic outline looks bland: 6-8 maps, 32-player support, 4 game modes, weapons, armor, vehicles, blah, blah, blah ... but digging deeper into the game's multiplayer, specifically 'Power Struggle' mode, one discovers that Crytek is working hard to right the wrongs of FarCry's multiplayer component.

Power Struggle's general concept isn't innovative. You begin the game as a grunt, with just a pistol and basic armor. You'll gain ranks and earn credits, which can be used to purchase upgraded equipment, by fragging your opponents and completing other tasks (e.g. securing capture points). The end goal is to help your team overthrow the opponent's base. Now here's where Power Struggle gets interesting ...

To successfully destroy the other team's HQ, you'll have to harness the power of alien technology. Randomly generated throughout each map are various crash sites where players can scavenge for alien cores. These energy sources can be used to transform your team's arsenal into weapons capable of achieving victory. However, you'll first have to build up that arsenal by capturing structures that manufacture basic weapons and vehicles -- and you'll also have to provide the manufacturing materials.

Apparently, it can take up to 10 hours to launch an attack capable of winning a Power Struggle match. In-game, this feels like days, as one full day/night cycle is completed in two hours. Which means, yes, Crysis' multiplayer will feature dynamic light cycles as the icing on the cake.

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