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EA exec: Wii to retail for around $170 US?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Saywha? The Wii -- yes, the Wii made by Nintendo, not to be referred to as the Nintendo Wii -- is going to retail for way less than $200 clams? Well, we wouldn't have given it a moment's thought if it wasn't a source so high and mighty in the industry as EA's EVP / COO of worldwide studios, David Gardner; then again, even here we've got a bit of rumor and speculation going down. Apparently Gardner said, "I've heard in Japan that the price is about $170, but I don't know if the price has been set in Europe yet." We know that the device will go for less than $250, but typically when these guys say "less than x amount of dollars," that value is a something closer to a single red penny below the bespoke price. Still, a $170 Wii? You'd really have to hand it to Nintendo for having the chutzpah to so severely undercut the competition on price you'd almost be obligated to buy their console out of sheer value alone. Then again it's a bit hard to imagine the Wii costing only $40 more than their hottie hot DS Lite, so something tells us we might have to file this one back on the rumors-not-to-come-true shelf.

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