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Jobs approached by student developer - doesn't fire him?

David Chartier

For those who don't quite get the headline: Jobs is notorious for being a demanding and quick-to-fire-you CEO; there are a few stories of His Steveness doing things like firing an employee who pulled a Porky Pig (an American cartoon character with a stuttering speech impediment) when he found himself on the same elevator as Mr Jobs.

With that said, TUAW reader Florian sent us a link to this Flickr image of what looks like a WWDC attendee (student?) approaching Mr. Jobs with something on his PowerBook/MacBook. I'm sure this isn't the first time something like this has happened (with no one receiving a pink slip), but it's a great shot and Steve seems genuinely interested.

Florian took the pic, but didn't have a chance to ask this guy about what was going on. If anyone knows anything, or if Mr. Guy Who Was Talking to Steve is a TUAW reader, feel free to drop us a tip (a link to our tips form, by the way, is located at the bottom of our categories list in the middle of this page) and share your wisdom.

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