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PS3 game will actually use Blu-ray capacity, says developer

Erik Hanson

Developer Insomniac games spoke to MTV recently about their new Playstation3 game Resistance: Fall of Man. While normally this sort of post is left to the fine readers of Joystiq or other sites, of interest to the ongoing media war is that the game is scheduled to weigh in at 22 GB of data, putting it above the Xbox 360's DVD-drive capacity. Up until now, we weren't sure if games would actually use any of the extra space on a Blu-ray disc, or if it would just be a sort of Trojan horse for getting non-gaming media into the home entertainment setups of consumers.

Surely a good chunk on that disc is cutscenes or other non-gameplay data, but still, it's nice to see someone putting extra capacity to good use. We can think of all kinds of good things to fill up a disc with, perhaps making-of movies, behind-the-scenes clips, a video walkthrough or cheat guide, or TV trailers for the game, perhaps even hidden or extra levels or assets for you to add onto your game, or unlock using game play time or achievement points. Let's hope game developers of all platforms can think of some great uses for the extra storage on any of the next-generation media.

[Via Joystiq]

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