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Series 3 TiVo in the wild

Ben Drawbaugh

We all know TiVo said they were beta testing the Series 3, we don't know about anyone else, but we aren't part of the beta. One of our tipsters is and they were nice enough to send in some pictures, but not nice enough to send us the unit so we could play. We can't say we blame them, we wouldn't give it up either.

These pictures should help hold us over until the Series3 is released whenever that is. We have a few details as well, the Series 3 seems to be very speedy, but TiVoToGo is not on yet. It does have HME functionality including Yahoo Web Stuff, Live 365, TiVo games as well as others. They haven't started testing the eSATA drive yet and the biggest issue was the complexity of the CableCARD setup; big surprise. It took three visits from the local cable company and four cable cards before they were able to get all the premium channels working.

More Pictures after the break.

TiVo Series3 CableCARD slot

Yeah, ethernet, eSATA, and HDMI! Note the two CableCARDS on the right.
TiVo Series3 Rear
Series3 CableCARD Config

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