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'07 plans for Boost: don't worry, Sprint still loves you

Chris Ziegler

After Sprint's threat to dial back Boost in favor of its more lucrative Nextel brand, the question begs asking: what's next for equipment? Anything? Yeah, we've got the i885 to look forward to (hopefully), but beyond that, we hadn't heard much to keep Boost customers excited through the end of the year and into 2007. Fear not, folks. Hot off the tip line, we have a scoop that should restore some of the hope dashed by now-departed COO Len Lauer in his vitriolic comments regarding the young, prepaid iDEN division. First off, we've heard that Boost will be adding postpaid options next year, which will interestingly threaten to put it in almost direct competition with sibling Nextel. Second, hybrid iDEN / CDMA devices will launch on Boost in Q1 of 2007, and at least some of them will offer EV-DO. Lastly -- drum roll, please -- our tipster has seen prototype devices with a distinct "Sidekick appeal," full QWERTY and all. If this is Sprint's way of killing a brand, then we've gotta say, there are worse fates.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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