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Breakfast Topic: What Do You Play?

David Nelson

Between maintenance and the patch issues, the servers were down for a good bit on Tuesday. Oh no! What to do? Well, what I did was play some other games I had long neglected. I can't imagine I was the only one to mix things up a little bit. In fact, I play several other games from time to time, especially when I get sick of a laggy server, whiny guild mates or the 4th raid that week.

Yesterday I found myself playing Ghost Recon on my XBox 360 and some other, not exactly cutting edge games, including Uno, Spades and Hearts on XBox Live. The card games were fun to mess around with, except when I met a few overly aggressive players who seemed obsessed with my mom and her bedroom practices. I just love the educated chat on XBox Live!

Earlier this summer I had a great time playing Oblivion, and I still enjoy a game of Civilization IV when I have time. What games do you folks play during WoW downtime or when you just don't feel like logging on?

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