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HDBeat Flickr Wednesday - multi-HDTV rooms

Matt Burns

Each week here at HDBeat, we are grab some of the best setups out of our Flickr pool to be featured here on our homepage. This week we explore the rare lands of multi-display rooms. These viewing areas feature two, three and even 18 HDTVs. We don't care where they are located, (i.e. bar, living room, garage) they are all sweet in our book on our site.
Steve Owens (Oasis AVI): The projector show the MCE from the HTPC. The LCD is MCE from the Media server modulated to channel 80.

buypuffins4seth: Outside of media room

buypuffins4seth: Inside media room

mhaithaca: These eighteen 30-inch Cinema Displays are being driven by nine Power Macs behind the wall. They're using TileViewer to display a video being sent from a tenth Mac.

knots: 1 Sony LCD

knots: 2 Sony LCDs

knots: 3 Sony LCDs

Feel free to upload some pics of your HDTV setup to our Flickr pool and maybe someday your gear could end up on our homepage.

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