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Microsoft announces prices, dates for Xbox 360 peripherals

Ryan Block, @ryan

Clever Microsoft's been stringing us along since May with the pricing and release dates for the launch of their new 360 peripheral line, but it looks like we've got the final details, announced today at the Leipzig Game Convention. The Live Vision camera will launch September 19th in the US and October 6th in Europe, either "alone" (for $39, which includes one month of Live Gold service, a headset, and Uno and TotemBal;) or bundled in the Video Chat Gold Kit (for $79, which includes 1 year of Live Gold service, headset, Uno, TotemBall, Robotron, and 200 Microsoft points); the Wireless Racing Wheel will go for $149 and comes bundled with a force-feedback edition of PGR3 when released in November; the Wireless Headset will launch at $59, also in November; the Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows will go for $20 in late December (remember, this is the one that lets you use your wireless 360 devices on your PC). Still no word on the grandaddy of all 360 peripherals, the HD DVD drive, but we think it's pretty clear by now what kind of price it should retail for, and when.

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