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Unofficial HD DVD 2.0 firmware surfaces online

Matt Burns

WARNING: this is not the official Toshiba HD DVD 2.0 firmware and HDBeat is not responsible if you download this file and it messes up your precious HD DVD player. The firmware does appear to work however as a few users over at AVS Forum have reported success in now selecting the Dolby TrueHD soundtracks. Unfortunately, those same users are still reporting that they haven't seen an improvement in the picture quality relating to the deep black "blue-crush" issue. User William does point out that TrueHD support isn't the only upgrade with this new firmware as DTS-HD Master is now enabled along with 1080p 24/48/60Hz support, triple layer support and a different or more detailed menu tree is now available - we wish. No 1080p just yet and DTS-HD could be there but there isn't any titles that take advantage of it so there is no way to test it. Keep in mind we are not implying that you should upgrade to this firmware but some people are reporting success by doing so, but if it were our HD DVD player, we would wait till the official firmware update is released.

[Thanks, Rou]

Update 1: Made our sarcasm a bit more thick.

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