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Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP working on battery manufacturing standards

Ryan Block, @ryan

If there's one thing this summer's taught us, it's that pleather is never a good idea during a heat wave. But if there's two things this summer's taught us, it's that batteries are extremely combustible, and one company with a recent history of naughty mishaps can spoil a lot of peoples' fun with some lithium-ion charged explosions. This is probably why Apple, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and other laptop manufacturers are planning to hold a summit in San Jose, California with the intent to tackle some of the issues associated with li-ion cells powering today's portables, and to come to some agreement about standards for manufacturing processes and quality control. They and the rest of the OEM Critical Components Committee of the IPC-Association Connecting Electronics Industries are expected to lay the groundwork for such battery manufacturing standards with the hopes that no man or woman or child's box shall ever again unexpectedly explode on their table, in their car, in their home, plane, pocket, or anywhere else for that matter. Gee golly, we are so stoked at the idea of our laptops not, like, totally burning down our home that you guys soo don't even know.

[Via AppleInsider]

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