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Artist's rendition of Zune interface surfaces

Evan Blass

Well it's official; we've definitely gone Zune-crazy 'round these parts. Not content with presenting you with a super-blurry photo of the upcoming device's supposed interface, we're now reporting on an artist's rendition of the GUI from someone claiming to be in the know -- so keep in mind that you're looking at mockups here and not actual screenshots. Anywho, the pictures jibe pretty closely with all the info that's streamed in so far: although they depict a rather no-frills white-on-black menu screen, when you slap some skins onto the background (like Bill Gates' old mugshot, for instance), it seems like a pretty aesthetically-pleasing experience. We're not gonna repeat ourselves and regurgitate all the functionality and specs that you've heard so many times before; instead, we're sending you directly over to iLounge to peep the full set of meticulously-rendered drawings. Hey, even if these shots end up looking nothing like what appears on the final device, whoever whipped them up has a promising career as a fake product designer and Internet rumor-starter of the highest caliber.

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