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Court gives ok on Blockbuster antitrust suit against Netflix

Ryan Block, @ryan

So Netflix sues Blockbuster, and then in response Blockbuster countersues Netflix for antitrust violations -- aight, kind of makes sense. But things went from bad to downright ugly now that Judge William Alsup, a US District federal judge in San Francisco, granted Blockbuster the permission necessary to officially proceed with their antitrust suit; doesn't mean anything in terms of verdict, though, just that Blockbuster can move forward with the case. Netflix, however, retains the ability to re-petition the court to dismiss the case further into the proceedings, but for now it looks like both companies are going to have to gear up for a two-front war. Can't you two just kiss, make up, and instead put that money into lobbying the SEC for a megamerger of online DVD rental businesses? It's not like any of this is going to matter in a couple of years once everyone's switched to downloaded content and all this DVD rental stuff is going to be a laughable blip on the radar at best.

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