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eMachines founder jonesing for Gateway's retail biz


Just a couple of months after making an offer for Packard Bell's BV PC subsidiary, eMachines founder Lap Shun Hui has now set his sights on Gateway, the very same company he sold eMachines to for some $290 million all the way back in 2004. He doesn't want the whole company though, just its retail business (which includes eMachines), which he says would be more successful if it were separated from Gateway's other operations. So far, Hui has offered $450 million to take the business off Gateway's hands, but it doesn't look like he's gonna be quick to take no for an answer, even saying he'd consider acquiring all Gateway shares and splitting up the businesses himself if necessary. There doesn't appear to be any indication of Gateway's intent just yet, but its shareholders seem to have spoken, with Gateway's stock shooting up over 13 percent yesterday on the news.

[Via Ars Technica]

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