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Hampton Articulation adds SIP-compliant VoIP to Palm devices

Chris Ziegler

What's better than a Skype client for Palm? A VoIP client compatible with any SIP provider, that's what. Hampton Software has released Articulation, which appears to be the first true provider-independent client for any Palm 5.x device with a mic and speaker (though rumor has it the 700p doesn't quite make the grade yet due to sound issues). The app may not have superstar looks, but the feature list is nothing to sneeze at with support for the GSM codec on low-bandwidth connections, echo cancellation for speakerphone use, touch tones for automated menus, and pretty much anything you could expect from a lightweight VoIP setup. If anyone gives this a whirl on their 650, be sure to hit us all up with the rundown in comments!

[Via VoIP & Gadgets Blog]

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