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Hands on with the Logitech VX and MX Revolution

Ryan Block, @ryan

We told you we got a little face time with these bad boys; without having spent a terribly long time using the VX and MX Revolution, we can definitely tell you that the tactile feedback and movement of the wheel is really unlike anything you've ever experienced before on a consumer mouse. Unfortunately, knowing those lame mouse kiosks retailers have set up in their stores, you probably won't be able to really feel the difference in the wheels when you switch apps and the mouse mechanics activate (for example, Excel scrolls freely, Word ratchet scrolls). It still might take a little getting used to having that second wheel on your thumb, but at least they refrained from button overload, and the ergonomics were top notch, even if that app-switcher behind the primary wheel was a real pain to get to. Click on for some more shots of the VX and MX Revolution!

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