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WiebeTech CD/DVD Imager a godsend to pirates, forensic analysts

Cyrus Farivar

Because we can't seem to get enough of robots, so how about we show you one that actually does something useful? Too boring, you say? What if we handed you a stack of 50 DVDs and CDs and told you to rip the image, archive 'em and, while you're at it, take a picture of each label. Now you want a robot to lord over, don't you? Lucky for you, our favorite Kansas hard drive maker and friend of forensics analysts everywhere, James Wiebe has come to your rescue with the WiebeTech CD/DVD Imager. So remember kids, this new bot may not be as fun to say as the robotic "welly wanger", but it's probably a bit more practical if you're about to fire off a few hundred copies of your latest tape (on CD) and can front the $2399 one of these will set you back.

[Via MacMinute]

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