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360 exclusives won't hinder PS3 sales, unless...

Nick Doerr

Unless you really can't get enough of those FPS's and sports titles (in which case you probably have either the original Xbox or the 360 already). That was a joke -- don't take it personally. Although Microsoft has acquired a 12-month exclusivity deal for next-gen FIFA and Pro-Evolution Soccer, this won't damage PS3 sales in the UK (since soccer is a bigger deal there than the US, "supposedly"). Marketing Director of Chips, a retail franchise, said that "Microsoft is really pulling out the big guns, but it won't change sale predictions for the PS3 due to the hearts and minds that Sony had already won over." Brand loyalty to the rescue, huh?

Independant stores like Action Replay and Gameshop (not Gamestop) agree, saying how the PS3 will sell all its allocation even if there's no... killer app. That's such a terrible term, but it's growing more common. Anyway. While this may or may not end up true, other groups do concede that Microsoft has made a mighty beast with their marketing and sales angle. What do you think? Will brand loyalty help keep Sony afloat until they do find their... killer app? Terrible term. Anyway.

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