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Details on Doctor Danger

Erik Hanson

Following up on a story from June about INHD launching a new set of programming called Mojo, the currently-cable-only network has released more details about what the star of the series, Doctor Bob Arnot, will be adventuring about doing. The hourlong series premiere is September 17 at 9PM Eastern and Pacific (8 Central), and has the good doctor traveling to Africa, enjoying the finer aspects of life in Somalia (setting of a famous helicopter movie currently delayed for Blu-ray)

The rest of the seven-episode season will air during the fall, and each episode will run for 30 minutes. Among some of the other things planned for the series:

Dr. Bob guides us through the dichotomy that is Africa, to experience speed, guns, politics, natural beauty, luxury, historic sites and intimate visits with families. From the political and humanitarian crisis in Somalia to BMW's off road motorcycling academy in South Africa; from an elephant-back safari in Botswana to a refugee camp in Darfur to the city streets of Khartoum; from SCUBA diving at a battleship wreck in the Red Sea to a hike in the bush and a lesson on danger as a masculine rite of passage with the Maasai Tribesman in Kenya; from a hot-air balloon ride in Kenya to the rarely-visited Nubian Pyramids and temples in the Royal City of Meroe in Sudan.

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