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Federal judge stops Louisiana game law

Kyle Orland

No sooner do we post an in-depth column on the road to video game legislation in Louisiana than the AP reports that a federal judge has ruled the law unconstitutional. I swear, these federal judges are just out to spite us.

Us and, er, Louisiana Rep. Roy Burrell, the bill's sponsor, who hoped Louisiana would have "the additional adrenaline and testosterone ... needed in the upcoming 'cockfight' over the constitutionally of this bill."

Oh, and Jack Thompson, who told GamePolitics, "This law is constitutional, as it addresses all of the complaints raised by federal courts which have struck down other state video game laws." Guess not.

For those keeping track, this is the seventh separate federal ruling defending video games as speech. You'd think that by this point state politicians would begin to consider this settled law. That is, unless these laws are more about scoring political points than actually meeting any sort of constitutional test. Hmm ...

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