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Giant PSP in New York dismantled

Chris Powell

Well, for those people who say the end is near for the PSP, they are certainly right about one in particular. A giant PSP, which was used to display PSP games and videos, that was erected in New York last spring has met its bitter end and has been dismantled.

The ol' girl had a good run, though, and this is not the time to be sad. The over-sized system has gone to PSP heaven, which just so happens to be the same place all the bricked PSPs go.

There's been no definitive word on why the PSP has been taken down, but the person who submitted the photo to Kotaku said it was barely visible during the day, which may have played a hand in its downfall. I guess Sony should have invested in a giant Logitech case, eh?

[Via Kotaku]

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