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LGC wrap-up: How did the DS do?


Note: This editorial is the opinion of David Hinkle and does not represent the opinion of DS Fanboy, Joystiq, or Weblogs Inc.

Leave it to the PSP guys to be immature and bait us into an all-out fanboy war. Especially one they cannot ever hope to win. While we'd like to be the more mature blog, without a response to such a heinous act of defamation would show weakness, and you know we are anything but that. So what made these guys think the PSP had such an excellent show?

First off, we all need to sit back and look at LGC with an objective eye. It wasn't the huge show that all of the recent coverage made it out to be. This coverage, which came after the demise of E3 as we know it, was largely in anticipation that the major companies would look to Leipzig to fill some of the gaping hole left by E3 and a potential price and launch date revelation for Nintendo's Wii.

A strong lineup from Konami, including playable builds of Silent Hill Origins and Metal Gear Solid, gave the PSP a great showing. Sony, however, did little to promote the handheld and instead let the third parties do all the work. Now, we'll say that these games are high-profile and look great, but one third-party publisher with some interesting games is hardly enough to declare the PSP victorious.

Instead, look to the DS. It had several strong titles, including many first-party games such as Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, Starfox Command, The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, as well as solid third-party titles from Konami in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and Lunar Knights, . If anything, those guys should be recognizing that Konami won the show, not trying to get blood from a stone.

So if you guys need the crucial "win," by all means post preposterous stuff on your blog and call us out, but just remember that today is Friday and pretty soon the numbers will emerge, forcing you Sony lovers to spend yet another weekend cold and alone, sobbing in a dark corner somewhere.

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