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Macs on a plane

David Chartier

The Australian-based Qantas Airlines already placed a restriction on using Dells on their planes (the machines either have to run solely on battery power, or plugged in, sans-battery), and now they're considering clamping down on Macs as well. Qantas is currently investigating the actual threat that Apple's recalled batteries might or might not pose. We haven't heard any reports of Apple's batteries exploding like Dell's, but we can understand an airline's need to err on the side of caution [UPDATE: yes, we've had reports of PowerBooks and iBooks heating up and/or catching fire, but actually and violently exploding is slightly different].

In case you still need to check if your iBook or PowerBook (the only two affected models Apple has announced) battery might need to be swapped out, Apple's recall page with instructions and a signup form is here.

[via Macsimum News]

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