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Phat Loot Phriday: Amberseal Keeper

Mike Schramm

It's Friday again, and that means it's time to check out another piece of sweet gear available for you to find in Azeroth. Since we've done melee and ranged, let's do a cool caster piece this week.

Name: Amberseal Keeper
Type: Epic Staff
Damage, Speed: 144-228, 3.30 (56.6 DPS)

  • +20 Intellect bonus
  • +5 to Arcane, Fire, Nature, Frost, and Shadow resistance
  • Restores 12 mana / 5 seconds
  • Increases damage and healing done by up to 44
  • Nice staff for almost any caster-- there are better staves out there for specific classes (except maybe druids), but the Int bonus and the across the board 44 boost make this a nice staff to have as you work toward your sets
  • But then again, it's a heck of a challenge to get-- see below
How to Get It: Drops from the demon Lord Kazzak, an outdoor raid in Blasted Lands. And even as outdoor raids go, this guy will give you as much trouble as he possibly can. He's got a crazy undodgeable shadowbolt volley that will kick the crap out of your and your raid, and he's got a spell called Mark of Kazzak: drains mana from the target for 250/sec, and then explodes them aoe for 4000 damage when it's done. Yeah, scary. And if anyone does happen to die during the fight, Kazzak casts Capture Soul, a spell that instantly gives him 70,000 health.

And one more thing: you have to finish the fight in three minutes, because if it lasts a second more, Kazzak goes into "Supreme Mode" and starts tossing Shadowbolts every second, which works out to almost 1000 dps for everyone in the raid. Can you say wip? The good news is that the drop is 15%, so even though Amberseal Keeper is a great staff, it's almost worth more as a sign that you were able to down this monster.

Auction Price: BOP, natch. Vendor it (if you're crazy) for 11g, 92s, 78c.

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