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T-Mobile picks up Nokia 6136 for UMA launch

Chris Ziegler

Perhaps sensing our discontent with their decision to launch Samsung's mediocre T709 when their UMA network goes live, T-Mobile has added a second handset in -- you guessed it -- Nokia's 6136. To be fair, it could've been planned as a two-handset launch all along, but allow us to revel for a moment in the thought that maybe, just maybe we had something to do with it, k? So yeah, about that 6136: it's the same one we've already told you about, the one being tested in Nokia's native Finland, 'cept this time it's all wrapped up in purty T-Mobile packaging. Besides adding a microSD slot, we're told battery life is marginally better than the T709's, but the 6136 get a flimsier-feeling shell in trade. A million thanks go out to our tipsters feeding us these details; with a rumored September release date bearing down, we reckon the rest of us shouldn't have much longer to wait.

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