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Where is all the HD VOD?


Cable companies are pushing high definition video-on-demand as a system seller over satellite, while Blu-ray and HD DVD still seek traction and fiber slowly rolls out. Still, even if it is available in your area, most customers report only a few selections available, and inconsistent picture quality. Holding things back are the usual demons, capacity and content. Until MPEG-4 and switched-digital roll out most providers simply don't have the bandwidth to deliver all their regular programming and more than a few HD VOD offerings. Couple that with movie studios unwilling to hand over premium content (in order to protect their investments in the aforementioned disc formats) and you've got a very slow moving situation. However as the bandwidth issues get sorted out, media research company Diffusion Group sees progress made the same way it has for regular HDTV, sports & broadcast networks first just like primetime television and ESPN-HD have led the charge so far.

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