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Finn throws to win at World Cellphone Throwing championship

Ryan Block, @ryan

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This year's Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships have come and gone, friends, and we're pleased to report to you the winningest of the cellphone throwers that came from the world over to test their metal tossing mettle. Second place in the freestyle event went to Dutchman Elie Rusthoven, who was almost disqualified for throwing his phone out of bounds, but mustered a silver by performing a phone juggling act that won over the judges (seriously, we can't make this stuff up). But it was a gentleman by the name of Lassi Etelatalo, a Finnish javelin thrower, that lobbed his Nokia to victory at a distance of 89m, or about 291 feet -- just shy of the lengthy of one football field, and plenty enough to crush Ville Piippo's standing record of 82.55 meters. (First place in the women's event went to Eija Laakso, who tossed hers 50.83 meters.) Go long man, real long -- like, Naomi Campbell long. More pics after the break.

[Via Reuters]

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