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KDDI throws down endless onslaught of new phones

Chris Ziegler

Bring it strong, or don't bring it at all. That's certainly our mantra here at Engadget Mobile, and KDDI seems to share our sentiment, launching not one, not two, but twelve new phones on their Japanese "au" CDMA network this week. Variety doesn't really seem to be KDDI's forte, though -- every last model rocks a clamshell form factor and roughly equivalent specs, give or take a megapixel here, FeLiCa support there. Sony Ericsson's W43S caught our eye for its nifty faux wood exterior (come on, who wouldn't want a faux wood cellphone?), while the curiously-named glossy black Toshiba "DRAPE" seems to be positioned as the high-style model of the bunch. 2- and 3-megapixel cams (some with autofocus), expansion slots, and comprehensive music support all around... yeah, there's not a lot of differentiation here, but the uniformity's good in at least one way: every last one of these 12 are blessed with QVGA primary displays.

[Via Akihabara News]

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