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New Vista build is Boot Camp friendly

David Chartier

A blog post that has risen through the digg ranks reports that a pre-RC1 release of Vista (build 5536) can now be installed easily on Intel Macs via Boot Camp. No more messy instructions, just a good clean install and (apparently) smooth running. Reports indicate that most of the fancy schmancy Aero effects are supported, even on a regular MacBook (Aero, for those who don't know, is a hardware-intensive new UI for Windows Vista with a lot of flashy effects and Transparency Everywhere™ technology).

Microsoft has announced a Release Candidate 1 of Vista for September, for which we believe another public rollout and serial code registration process will be available. Those who manage to get ahold of a copy of build 5536 will need a registration code from the recently-closed beta 2 offering in order to install it.

While we aren't quite sure how Microsoft worked around the EFI limitation in Vista (EFI support was axed along with many other features some time ago), but this Vista + Intel Macs development is good news for anyone who needs to build apps and test websites for Microsoft's new Windows version.

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