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Peaceaholics protest Bully, Best Buy

Kyle Orland

Oddly-named protest group Peaceaholics, a longtime opponent of Rockstar's Bully, staged a protest over the game outside a New York City Best Buy Friday. An intrepid YouTube journalist going by the even odder handle of "The Software Pirate" took some video of the event, which included hand-made signs and catchy chants patterned after modern songs involving bananas (I wish I was kidding).

The group seems to have its heart in the right place -- one member talks of witnessing youth violence in DC -- but talk calling Rockstar "worse than terrorists" seems a little overblown to us. The group also seems to be under the mistaken impression that games are rated by the FCC and that selling violent games to children is illegal. But hey, who needs facts when you have catchy chants?

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