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The Little Things: Changing resolutions on multiple monitors

Scott McNulty

Gather round, children, for I am about to announce a new series here on TUAW. We have entitled it 'The Little Things,' and it focuses on all those little details that make using a Mac so gosh darned fun (and things that people often overlook while they are being wowed by the Dock resizing, or some other eye candy).

First up? Changing screen resolutions on multiple monitors.

I'm sitting here typing this on a MacBook Pro with a 23 inch Apple Cinema Display HD attached to it. It is truly a Mac geek's dream. To the right you see the drop down menu from the Display menubar item. Notice that each monitor has its own section, and that you can control the resolution independently. Pretty sweet, huh?

Read on to find out how to turn the Display menu item on, if you aren't sure how to do it. Otherwise, revel in the glory of this small touch that makes using a Mac such a pleasant experience.

Turning on the Display menu bar item couldn't be simpler. Just launch System Preferences, choose 'Displays' and you'll be greeted with something that looks like this:

Check off the item that says "Show displays in menu bar" and you're all set. Easy, huh?

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