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Yoto T-21 offers portable media playback for $50


In the states, fifty dollars won't get you much in the way of a portable media player, so try not to feel too envious when you see the 1GB, 399 Chinese Yuan (approx. $50) Yoto T-21, a Chinese PMP that has a similar feature set to the iRiver Clix, but at a quarter of the price. Featuring a 2-inch QVGA screen, the T-21 is even capable of AVI playback at up to 30fps, which bests both the Clix and its real fake counterpart. It'll also let you play your MP3s, Flash movies, browse photos and text, and has a built-in FM tuner. As usual, there's no word on whether the device will be available outside of Asia, but we'd advise that you don't get your hopes up: these kind of unbelievably great value players have a habit of sitting just across the Pacific, perpetually taunting us with their low price tags.

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