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Disney GAME iT! portable consoles for the PB&J crowd

Evan Blass

Probably not too hopeful about taking a big bite out of the PSP's or DS's market share, a company called Performance Designed Products is nonetheless releasing a new pair of portable 2.5-inch consoles that bring together the magic of Disney with the gaming excitement that only 90's era 16-bit processing can provide. Although not being advertised as such, the flame-adorned "Classic Pals" and all-pink, heart-shaped "Princess Pals" are clearly being targeted at either one gender or the other, a notion only furthered by the mix of characters chosen for these so-called Disney GAME iT! devices. Each product comes preloaded with 12 different, relatively simple games (suggested ages are six and up); boys get such titles as Mickey's Apple Cart, Pluto's Buried Bone Treasure, and the oddly-named Goofy's Loco Coconuts, while the girls' edition sports winners like Sebastian's Sea Urchin Symphony, Susie's Buttons and Baubles, and Flotsam and Jetsam's Potion Commotion. Although you can pick up a separate $15 kit that connects the $40 systems to your TV, there's no way to add additional games a la more traditional consoles -- which actually, will probably work out just fine, as chances are good that your kids will smash these portable units to bits before getting sick of the limited content.

[Via GameZone]

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