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HDTV Listings for August 29, 2006


What we're watching: There are so many reruns tonight, even premium channels are getting into the act. We hope you really like According to Jim, Gilmore Girls, Law & Order and Veronica Mars because they're all bringing back old epsidoes tonight. Also returning is (recent Emmy Award winner) Jeremy Piven's Journey of a Lifetime on Discovery HD, while Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke airs in its entirety on HBO.

Our traditional high-def listings continue below.

Here are some other HDTV programs showing on selected networks today. All times are Eastern and reruns are in italics:

ABC (720p): According to Jim (8, 8:30, 9 & 9:30 p.m.)

CBS (1080i): The Late Show with David Letterman (11:35 p.m.)

NBC (1080i): Law & Order: CI (9 p.m.), Law & Order: SVU (10 p.m.), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (11:34 p.m.)

Fox (720p): (House is bumped for two hours of SD Celebrity duets)

WB (1080i): Gilmore Girls (8 & 9 p.m.)

UPN (1080i): Veronica Mars (8 & 9 p.m.)

Discovery-HD (1080i): Profiles of Nature Special: Marsupial Mayhem (7 p.m.), Desert Speaks (8 & 11 p.m.), Inside Look: Secrets of the Inca (8:30 & 11:30 p.m.), Jeremy Piven's Journey of a Lifetime: Southern India (9 p.m.), HD Traveler: Ireland (10 p.m.)

ESPN-HD (720p): SportsCenter (6 & 11 p.m.), NFL Live (7:30 p.m.)

TNT-HD (1080i):
Law & Order (6, 8, 9 & 10 p.m.), Without a Trace (7 p.m.), Cold Case (11 p.m.)

INHD (1080i): London Live (6 & 6:30 p.m.), MLB Baseball: Tigers at Yankees (7 p.m.), Beer Nuts (10:30 p.m.), Africa: The Serengeti (11 p.m.),

INHD2 (1080i): Twilight Zone (7 & 7:30 p.m.), Wine Trails of Italy (8 p.m.), Hollywood Walks (8:30 p.m.), Beavers (9 p.m.), An Affair to Remember (10 p.m.)

HDNet (1080i): Deadline! (7:30 p.m.), HDNet World Report (8 p.m.), Face 2 Face (9 p.m.), Smart Travels Europe (9:30 p.m.), Higher Definition (10 p.m.), Nothing But Trailers (10:30 p.m.)

HDNet Movies (1080i): Open Range (5:35 p.m.), Big Night (8 p.m.), Monty Python's Meaning of Life (9:45 p.m.), The Boys and Girls from County Clare (11:35 p.m.)

HBO-HD (1080i): In Her Shoes (5:45 p.m.), When The Levees Broke: A Requiem In Four Acts (complete) (8 p.m.)

Showtime-HD (1080i): The Next Best Thing (7 p.m.), Brotherhood (9 p.m.), Weeds (11 p.m.), Fascination (11:30 p.m.)

MAX-HD (1080i): Napoleon Dynamite (6:15 p.m.), Serenity (8 p.m.), Red Eye (10 p.m.)

STZ HD (1080i): The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (5:10 p.m.), The Fog (9 p.m.)

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