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NuVo NV-M3 streams multi-zone PlaysForSure

Ryan Block, @ryan

Maybe we're a little dense, but we're having a bit of a time trying to figure out why someone would plunk down $2,200 for a 160GB PlaysForSure enabled audio streaming device -- even one so sexy as NuVo's (no, not that Nuvo) new NV-M3, above. Granted, NuVo seems pretty proud about implementing PlaysForSure in a multi-zone system, something Sonos users have been waiting a while to get going, but for a substantially smaller price you could go with something a little more versatile, like a Media Center PC or an Xbox 360 or a long list of other devices that wouldn't only limit you to playing music, either. Still, now apparently the onus is no longer on the PlaysForSure team to create a multizone standard for streaming DRMed audio since it can obviously be done without Microsoft's backing, so expect to hear more about this little number when CEDIA rolls around.

[Via eHomeUpgrade and Talk About CEDIA]

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