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Wired asks if the PS3 can save Sony

Joystiq Staff

If you're a loyal Wired reader like some of us here at Joystiq, then you would have noticed a great article in this month's edition on the PlayStation 3 and its role as savior for Sony. The article is online and we suggest you read it because it's a very objectively written piece on the PS3 and its place in Sony's past, present, and future. This graph near the end of the story sums it up best:

In 30 years, Sony has transformed itself from a consistently profitable consumer electronics company with annual sales of $1.6 billion to a dangerously wobbly consumer electronics-entertainment-financial services behemoth 40 times that size. Sony Electronics needs to embrace the networked world, obviously, but does it really need to be allied with a Hollywood film studio and a consumer-wary global music label in a global campaign against Microsoft? Probably not. It just needs to make cool products for the century we live in.

The article delves into Sony's risky and controversial decisions and how some of those risks have both failed and succeeded. If you're looking for a non-fanboy, purely objective look on what the PS3 means to Sony and the gaming community, then do yourself a favor and check this out.

[Thanks, Richard Mitchell]

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