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DIY "adapter" for Memory Stick PRO Duo cards

Evan Blass

The problem with all of these newfangled, fingernail-size memory card formats is that most require an adapter for use in standard card readers -- an adapter that many people lose within seconds of tearing open the packaging. Well luckily for you PSP owners out there, Wikihow has a quick and easy tutorial on building your own "adapter" for Memory Stick PRO Duo cards, and like many of the best mods we've seen, this one is super cheap. All you need to get your Duo card to work in a regular Memory Stick card reader is a paper clip and a strip of scotch tape -- a five cent project, at most -- and as the above picture should indicate, you're really just taping the clip to the card as a de facto handle. The perils here, of course, are that using too much tape could cause the contraption to get jammed up inside the reader, while not enough of the sticky stuff may leave you with a lost card. As usual, we take no responsibility for any broken cards or readers that may result from this modification; we just report the news, it's up to you to gauge your own handiness and perform the standard risk-reward analysis.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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