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FCC blesses HTC Foreseer

Chris Ziegler

We're guessing Modeo's likely breathing a sigh of relief this morning on news that the DVB-H handset they've been showing off as of late, HTC's Foreseer, has passed FCC muster. We don't have much to go on -- no external photos or anything nifty like that -- but the ID label location sketch is a dead giveaway for the Foreseer's unique wide-body candybar design, and with a model number like "FORE," we're feeling pretty confident we have this one pegged. As a refresher, the Foreseer's a Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone with a 200MHz OMAP, 128MB of ROM, 64MB of RAM, microSD expansion, and a DVB-H tuner, but more importantly for Modeo and the American mobile television market (an oxymoron?), it's friendly to American GSM bands with EDGE thrown in for good measure. Still no word on whether the phone will ever be available directly to consumers, but with an FCC approval under its belt, we're feeling just a little twinge of hope.

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