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Metareview - Saints Row (Xbox 360)

Blake Snow

In case you didn't know, third-person action/adventure thug titles keep gamers glued to TV sets and sell a lot of product. Enter THQ's GTA rip-off for the 360 with a current average review score of 84% according to Metacritic:

  • GamePro - 95%: "Parental units should take note: Saints Row definitely ain't for the kiddies. If anything, it's even sleazier than the GTA titles... [but] Saints Row is just too good to miss."
  • IGN - 85%: "Saints Row, despite its distinct lack of originality, is fun. It starts out fun and it stays fun. It gets deeper and more engaging, and the storyline and the characters come to life, and you're compelled by seeing the narrative unfold just as much as getting all of the 10- and 20-point Achievements."
  • Games Radar - 80%: "It looks good, plays great, offers plenty to do and it's even funny at times - though in a much cruder way than GTA's more sly, subversively socially relevant sense of humor."
  • 1UP - 70%: "Sure, GTA's story and sense of humor were pretty infantile most of the time, but it was still damn funny and did a bang-up job of satirizing American pop culture and consumerism. In Saints Row, however, it all feels obligatory. Like it was something they just had to do, and the result is pretty lifeless."

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